Want to sell your M3?

Here’s what we need to list your M3! Please email spencer@m3list.com all the details below. Do not DM the Instagram or Facebook page. Email only due to needing high res photos and how we operate all the listings. Thanks!







asking price

details (Mods, maintenance, etc)

Contact info (Instagram phone email etc)

10+ photos (5 exterior 4 interior 1 engine etc) can be more than 10 if you’d like

  • Send high res photos! (Upload to Dropbox, Google Drive, or send multiple emails if needed). We need all the pictures to be big enough so they don’t get compressed due to Instagram and Facebook compression. (Blurry photos)
  • Please make sure you double check that your email has sent to us because sometimes the photos are too large.
  • If we don’t post within the first 5-6 days, please follow up. Sometimes emails come to us via junk mail and we have to double check.
  • Don’t forget details. I need all the details. If you don’t send everything I can’t post your car. So please don’t forget your location/all photos/asking price etc please.

Your listing should look like something like this –


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