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If you’d like to have your car posted to social media, please send a donation below. To be posted on social media we require a donation. We also have Zelle as an option. Please contact spencer@m3list.com for details or DM us on Instagram. 

(Average donations are $25 – $100)

The more that is donated, the more we can share on all platforms such as Instagram, Facebook, TikTok, Discord, Facebook stories, Instagram stories, Facebook Groups etc. Donations are also appreciated if we help you find a car or share a want to buy post for you. Every dollar goes a long way to keep us going! We’ve had additional donations after the car sells up to $600+. Thank you very much! (Please include info on your car/listing in your donation notes).







We’re a free service that helps people find and sell M3’s, along with providing a hub to learn everything about M3’s. If M3List has helped you sell or buy a car, any donation helps us continue doing what we do. Thank you!

*Please note that multiple links on our website here at M3List are affiliate links. If anything is purchased through the links, we can earn a commission. Certain commission percentages vary depending on the vendor and agreement with us. This disclosure is in agreement and guidelines with the FTC affiliate marketing.

Here at M3List we want to ensure safety and security of our members. Please keep in mind that before you do any type of deal or agreement, always do your due diligence on the parties involved. As much as we’d like to trust everybody, it’s always good to double check everything.

We highly recommend you do deals in person if possible during the day, always verify funds properly with your trusted bank and stay on top of your gut instincts during a sale. Please report any fraudulent or scam related conversations. Thank you!

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