The Largest BMW M3 Marketplace and Community

The Largest BMW M3 Marketplace and Community

M3List is about one thing, the BMW M3. We bring together thousands of enthusiasts from across the globe and provide a marketplace for M3 vehicles and accessories. For those looking for an ultra-rare individual color spec or even a fully-prepped track car, M3List is the place to go. We also strive to bring existing M3 owners together with curated parts, performance shops, and blog posts.

Why M3List?

A Rapidly Growing BMW M3 Community

Vehicles Listed
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The M3List Process

A Seamless Experience For Listing BMW M3's

Enter Your Spec
Since M3List is only about the BMW M3, our search experience provides filters for the features you care about. Single hump, competition package, etc.? Search for it on M3List!
Find Your Perfect M3
Enter your city and zip code to find listings matching your search near you. Don't see what you are looking for? Submit a Want to Buy Listing and find your perfect M3 spec.
Message The Seller
Message the seller using our built-in chat system or chat with them on social media. Get any questions about the vehicle answered and agree on the details of the sale.


Real Customer Experiences

What's your M3List story?

LOVE M3 List!!

Spencer is the man. I was looking for a manual, E90 for 6+ months before I found one through M3 List. Such an easy process. Now I’m trying to convince myself not to buy another.

Fast, Smooth Transaction

M3 List was generous enough to post my E90 M3 for sale for me and I was contacted by multiple potential buyers almost immediately. The car was sold within days to an all cash buyer, making it a fast, smooth transaction.

Found My Car in Two Days

Within 2 days I had two different sellers reach out with cars that matched my criteria perfectly. I had been posting on Facebook for weeks without a single response and M3 list found my car in two days.

Our Story

Founded by a Passion For The BMW M3

After years of familiarizing myself with the M3 market, I realized how many people would reach out asking for help with pricing an M3, finding an M3 or asking for general advice about an M3. That’s when the idea of M3List started. I always wanted to be able to help others learn about these cars and see every aspect of ownership from what to pay, where to find one, trusted shops to work on them, local M3 gatherings, where to buy parts, how much to pay for parts and so on.

M3List is about having a positive community of people who share the same passion together. M3List is a place to go to make life easier for everybody who wants to step into the M3 world without feeling like an outsider. I feel extremely fulfilled doing this for the community and as M3List grew I knew that I could make it into something that others would enjoy just as much.

M3List stands for keeping positivity in the car scene along with helping others enjoy their M3 experience as much as possible. We all know it sucks to have find out that your car needs rod bearings, or that your car just went into limp mode, or maybe you found out your subframe was never reinforced, but if M3List can help you find a way to get the most affordable parts, find the best way to install them or the best place to get them installed, and then have help along the way from other members to make life easier, that’s what it’s all about.

Since we’re a free service, we always appreciate your support. If M3List has helped you sell or buy a car, any donation helps us continue doing what we do. Thank you!

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