Eventuri carbon plenum guide. HP Gains? Worth $? Weight? (Everything you should know) E9X M3 S65 V8

Looking at purchasing the Eventuri carbon fiber plenum for your BMW E9X M3? Well here’s what you need to know! Scroll down to see photos of the Eventuri Intake, performance numbers, dyno numbers, and plenty of videos to hear this piece of artwork sing.

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I’ve personally owned the Eventuri Plenum on my E92 M3 and had the chance to take it out on the track with the setup. One thing you’ll notice is that the sound difference is major. If you have a loud exhaust, it’ll be a bit harder to hear it, but if you have a valved setup, or you have your windows up, the sound is really nice. I would really prefer to have more induction noise over a loud exhaust any day, it gives you a bit more mature feeling and it’s also really fun.

You should also check out the matte finish version of the plenum here.

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Here’s a full gallery of when I installed the entire Eventuri setup.

Pairing the plenum with an intake will make the biggest difference in power and sound. You have a lot more throttle response and overall notice that the car feels like it’s breathing better.

Stock plenum:

– Plenum = 11lbs 4oz

– Elbow w/o Filter = 1lb 6oz

– Airbox Lid = 1lb 12oz

– MS Filter = 2lbs 2oz

Total = 16lbs 8oz

Eventuri Plenum

– CF Plenum = 7lbs 10oz

– CF Elbow/Filter = 2lbs 4oz

– Stock Airbox Lid = 1lb 12oz

Total = 11lbs 10oz

You can check out an extremely detailed breakdown below on horsepower gains, materials, sizing, comparisons and more.

Introducing our E9X M3 Carbon Fiber Plenum. Made from 100% high grade prepreg carbon including the internal trumpets, this plenum replaces the stock plastic version and unleashes the roar of the naturally aspirated BMW V8 engine. Since the trumpet lengths are tuned by BMW to the internal volume, changing this could result in a loss of performance so we kept the same volume to not upset the way the car drives in terms of power delivery. Although there isn’t a performance gain from the carbon plenum, the induction sound generated takes the driving experience of the M3 to a whole new level.

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The raw V8 rumble gives the M3 an almost CSL like sound and is truly an intoxicating experience. We went through several iterations using different carbon thicknesses to fine tune the sound and the resulting plenum generates an almost unbelievable induction volume and tone.

Here’s my personal video and personal experience with the plenum showing the breakdown of unboxing it, showing it next to OEM and the final install. Enjoy that induction noise!


This plenum can be used with the OEM airbox or any aftermarket intake system. Our own additional E9X M3 intake system provides a genuine performance gain and can be found HERE.


Eventuri Intake

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The BMW E9X M3 Eventuri intake system is the result of extensive research and optimisation which improves possibly one of the best designed stock intake systems we have seen. The E9X stock airbox system is a brilliantly designed intake with an excellent flow path and feed system for ambient air.

However on closer inspection, there are restrictions in the inlet tube connecting the airbox to the inlet manifold. By redesigning the tube yet maintaining the airbox, we have been able to allow the V8 engine to breathe with greater efficiency and therefore gain power. In addition to the new tube design, we also identified a further restriction in the air feed system. To overcome this we designed a scoop to allow an increase in airflow through the airbox. This reduces inlet temperature values further and adds to the performance gain of the system.

Part Number : EVE-E9X-CF-INT – BMW E9X M3 black carbon intake GLOSSPart Number : EVE-E9X-CFM-INT – BMW E9X M3 black carbon intake MATTE

Performance Gain Dyno: 8-10hp, 10-12ft-lb
Performance Gain Road Dyno (Insoric): 16hp, 14Nm
IAT Difference with Ambient: Stock 7.5C : Eventuri 4.5C
V-Box Acceleration : 100-200kph Reduced By 0.3 Seconds

Dyno tests were carried out showing a consistent gain of approximately 9hp and 11ft-lb of torque. The gain is not just at the peak but throughout the RPM range. This translates on the road to increased part throttle and full throttle response with the car pulling much more eagerly to the redline. The testing was done on the same day back-to-back and temperatures were monitored to ensure consistency. The car was tested firstly with the stock intake – hood closed. We then left the car on the dyno and installed the Eventuri. The car was then run again – hood closed. Several runs were carried out with both configurations to get a consistent result.


Performance Gain Road Dyno (Insoric): 16hp, 14Nm

The system was also tested using a road based measurement device (Insoric). On the road, the airflow is a lot better than the fan can achieve on the dyno and so the intake system is able to perform better. The following graph shows the difference the Eventuri intake makes on the road compared with the stock airbox. The measured gains were 16Hp and 14Nm : Solid lines show with the Eventuri and dashed lines are with stock airbox. Red line is power at the crank and blue line is at the wheels.



Data Logging Flow and Inlet Temperature

To monitor and record data output from the ECU we used a Bavarian Technic diagnostics tool. The car was fitted with the stock system and then data was logged in 4th gear to the redline. Then the Eventuri intake was fitted and the same method applied. The outputs show that the air mass flow with the Eventuri is higher across the entire RPM range – with a bigger difference at higher RPM where the restrictions in the stock system become more apparent. Furthermore the difference between the ambient temperature and the inlet air temperature (IAT) is also smaller with the Eventuri due to the scoop enabling a higher air speed through the airbox. Here are 2 screenshots of the data output, one at approximately 5000rpm and the other at approximately 8300rpm.


Data Logging summary:

5000rpm IAT difference with ambient: Stock intake = 9.6 Degrees C : Eventuri = 5.3 Degrees C

8300rpm IAT difference with ambient: Stock intake = 7.6 Degrees C : Eventuri = 4.7 Degrees C

5000rpm Air Mass Flow Rate: Stock intake = 635 kg/h : Eventuri = 650 kg/h

8300rpm Air Mass Flow Rate: Stock intake = 1168 kg/h : Eventuri = 1202 kg/h

The Interactive graph can be seen HERE

VBox Acceleration Tests

Finally we took the car for some road testing using a Vbox unit to record the acceleration from 60-130mph (also 100-200Km/h). For the Vbox testing our test car had a primary decat and stage 2 tune for all test runs. Testing was carried out on the same stretch of road – again on the same day to keep variables minimum. Results show that with just the intake added, the acceleration times from 60-130mph and also 100-200Km/h reduced by approximately 0.3 seconds which is a significant change at such speeds.

Acceleration results summary:

  • 60-130mph with Stock intake = 11.157 seconds
  • 60-130mph with Eventuri intake = 10.886 seconds
  • 100-200Km/h with Stock intake = 9.56 seconds
  • 100-200Km/h with Eventuri intake = 9.236 seconds


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If you’re looking for a super detailed review on the plenum, you can click here to see an article I wrote on my ownership experience.

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