BMW M3 1 piece carbon fiber driveshafts best pricing August 2023

Our partners at @redline360 have 1 piece carbon fiber driveshafts in stock for your M3 of multiple generations! Discount code “M3List” saves on their entire website with thousands of products. 

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1-piece conversion offers superior performance and durability. With a 2.75″ x .170″ tube and 2 108mm CVs to mount to the differential, this shaft eliminates any potential pinion angle issues, resulting in a more athletic feel and smoother power transfer for your vehicle.

At DSS, we pride ourselves on the quality of our products. That’s why we’ve invested in a new 9500RPM balancer to ensure each shaft is perfectly balanced. Additionally, our Carbon Fiber Driveshaft comes with an adapter plate to mount up to the transmission, as well as all necessary hardware for installation.

Discount code “M3List” saves on the entire @redline360 website.

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Discount code “M3List” saves on the entire Redline360 website!

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