30 awesome mods for your E92 M3!

30 awesome mods for your E92 M3!

Ready to mod your M3? We have just the list for you to build the perfect E9X. Get your car looking right, sounding right and feeling right in every single way. Click any link below to see recent pricing on each product.

1. BMW M Performance E9X M3 Alcantara Steering Wheel

Genuine BMW M Performance Steering Wheel. The steering wheel features a flat-bottom, M tri-colored stitching, blue racing stripe at the 12 o’clock position, and a full alcantara grip surface.

2. Pedal Haus Aluminum Pedal Set (Multiple Models) – Manual / DCT

As enthusiasts we are always looking to improve the look of our cars. Although most of our attention is focused on the exterior and performance, there are still a few things we can do to spruce things up on the inside. Pedal Haus is a USA based company that specializes in enhancing things for us in the driver seat.

All Pedal sets are manufactured in USA and include the dead pedal free of charge. Similar to the paddle sets, the pedals are available in both a silver or black anodized finish. As an additional service to our clients, IND can also provide you with custom paint options.

3. BMW Floating Wheel Center Cap Set – 68mm

Make the impression you’re aiming for with your BMW. This crisp BMW floating center cap features the BMW logo that remains level rather than turning with the wheel. The result? A polished look that will turn heads each time you hit the road. This hub cap can be mounted to all BMW light alloy wheels with a pitch circle diameter of 120 mm. Get the perfect finishing touch with these BMW floating wheel center caps.

IND’s renowned painted roundels have become a staple amongst discerning BMW owners—its overall effect is immense compared to the physical size of the modification. Such detailed paintwork is a specialty of IND and we are proud to be a unique supplier of this popular add-on

4. IND E9X M3 Painted Trunk Emblem

Every part of your car should be sleek and polished, including its rear emblem. With IND’s black or custom painted rear emblem, your BMW will get the finishing touch it needs to stand out. Our emblems are custom painted in house by our painters who have 30+ years of combined experience between them, ensuring you the highest quality. You’ll never have to worry about fitment when it comes to IND, since we utilize the original BMW piece. We offer both sleek matte black and a clean gloss black so you can choose the perfect finish to fit your car. Looking for something more outside the box? Custom coloring is also available upon request.

5. RKP E92 M3 Carbon Door Panel Set

Add the perfect touch of race inspired aesthetic with the Carbon Fiber Door Panel Set. Alongside the great style, this door will shed tons of weight off your E92. Installation is sure to be a breeze, too, since each panel comes fully trimmed. For spot on fitment and a factory finished style, you’ll attach your OEM leather panel and speakers. You’ll never have to sacrifice style for functionality. When you’re working with RKP, both are a guarantee.

6. Fall-Line Motorsports E92 M3 Bolt-In Harness Bar

Fall Line Motorsports has earned their reputation as one of the premier BMW race car manufacturers by investing over one and a half decades of dedication and hard work. The experience housed within Fall Line’s facility walls is a nearly universal collection of racing knowledge, encompassing everything from suspension design and engineering to engine design, to world-class safety systems.

Each bar is manufactured from mandrel bent chromoly steel with an .083” wall thickness, and is available pre-painted by IND in any color scheme possible. A GT3 variant is available with a gusseted cross brace for exceptional strength.

7. KW Suspension Clubsport – 3 Way BMW M3 (E90/E92) not equipped with EDC

KW Clubsport: 3 Way – Wheel loads, vehicle weight and chassis reinforcements (for increased body stiffness) can all be taken into consideration with adjustment capabilities of the 3-way Clubsport. Similar to KW Competition 3-way coilovers, low-speed and high-speed compression adjustment is done via KW’s patented two-valve control on the reservoir.

8. KMP E9X M3 / E82 1M Racing Wheel + Quick-Release Hub Kit – 6MT

KMP is a drivetrain and motorsport specialist based in the Netherlands. In addition to their world-renowned gear, differential, and driveshaft offerings, KMP proudly supplies aftermarket racing steering wheels for BMW and Porsche.

The plug and play BMW E9X M3 / E82 1M Racing wheel has four different button layouts. This version has 2 free to use buttons, a Horn button at the left top and a M-Sport button at the right top. The complete assembly comes with an E9X hub, quick release, OMP racing wheel and all necessary electronics. Because of their plug and play considerations, the KMP steering wheel is also devoid of any pesky error messages from the ECU, airbag, or controller. OEM equipment is easily fitted back into the car where necessary.

Alcantara wraps the smaller 330mm wheel in its entirety, ensuring optimal grip in all driving situations and quicker response over the stock unit. A yellow motorsport stripe adorns the wheel at 12 o’clock as a perfect finishing touch.

9. IND E92 M3 SportEVO Tribute Seat Belt Set

Since its first public unveiling in the fall of 1985 at the Frankfort Motor Show, the BMW E30 M3 has remained one of the most iconic European sports cars, and that still hold true today, almost 30 years later. This is because, when the folks at BMW Motorsport GmbH set out to create the E30 M3, they spared no effort in ensuring that they would have a precision built racecar, adapted for street driving, and intended for a true enthusiast of motorsport. One stunning attribute of the E30 M3 were the red seat belts offered only in the Sport Evo edition cars, to bring a race inspired feel to a barely street legal road car.

Since our inception iND Distribution has always strived to produce the most unique cars, with the highest possible standards to ensure the absolute best quality product. When our client Felix (Powerbeast) approached us with the idea of putting colored seatbelts in his E9X M3 that we were building, we instantly loved the idea.

The iND colored M3 seatbelts are OEM factory seatbelt mechanisms that are sewn and assembled by a professional racing harness manufacturer to ensure quality, safety, and that they retain all OEM fitment, and functionality. All of the critical safety components from the original BMW seatbelts are retained, with only the seatbelt fabric itself being replaced.

10. Eventuri BMW E9X M3 (S65) Black Carbon Intake System – Matte

The BMW E9X M3 Eventuri intake system is the result of extensive research and optimization which improves possibly one of the best designed stock intake systems we have seen. The E9X stock airbox system is a brilliantly designed intake with an excellent flow path and feed system for ambient air. However on closer inspection, there are restrictions in the inlet tube connecting the airbox to the inlet manifold. By redesigning the tube yet maintaining the airbox, we have been able to allow the V8 engine to breathe with greater efficiency and therefore gain power. In addition to the new tube design, we also identified a further restriction in the air feed system. To overcome this we designed a scoop to allow an increase in airflow through the airbox. This reduces inlet temperature values further and adds to the performance gain of the system.

The Eventuri E9X M3 intake system consists of a number of components engineered to perform a specific purpose and fabricated to the highest of standards.

11. Future Classic E9X M3 Titanium Tow Strap – Rear

Every ounce counts. Future Classic has worked with Fall-Line Motorsports to create an all-new, lightweight titanium version of their industry-leading motorsport tow strap. Trust in your equipment is all-important when it comes to your BMW, especially in motorsport conditions. The Future Classic tow strap inspires that trust—a DMG Mori 5-axis CNC titanium shank makes for a robust threaded base, while the thick, double-stitched fabric strap guarantees strength when you need it most.

12. ESS E9X M3 G1+ Intercooled Supercharger System

The intercooled S65 G1+ Supercharger System produces a massive 180-220whp gain from stock depending on exhaust system and methanol injection used. It is supplied with both 93AKI/98RON and 93AKI/98RON + methanol injection pulleys as standard.

This kit is designed for 93AKI/98RON fuel or above exclusively, in order to use the included high boost supercharger pulley a methanol injection system must be installed. We recommend the Snow Performance Stage 2 system using the #5 nozzle set to 3PSI start and 7PSI full gain. Torqo or VP methanol is recommended. We do not sell or support the methanol side of the system, so please ensure you find a competent supplier/technician with experience on these injection systems.

13. CSF E9X M3 All-Aluminum Triple Pass Radiator

  • 2 row 42mm core (dual core) featuring CSF’s exclusive B-tube technology
  • Core features an ultra-efficient fin with 6.5mm fin height and multi-louvered design for maximum surface area contact
  • Triple-pass flow structure allows the coolant to flow across the core of the radiator 3 times before exiting the radiator for lowest outlet temperatures possible
  • CNC machined “quick-connect” inlet/outlet connections
  • CNC machined brackets and fittings for superb fit and durability
  • All-aluminum race style drain plug
  • 1 hour “mirror finish” hand polish
  • “Drop-in fit” requiring no modifications to install. Accepts all attaching OEM components including “quick-connect” hoses, AC condenser, mounting brackets, and fan shroud


14. BMW E9X M3 European Front Bumper Panel

OEM BMW E90/E92/E93 M3 Euro Front bumper. The bumper cover fits all E9X M3’s and offers a clean look with no front reflector recepticle.

All Euro Bumpers are 100% Genuine BMW parts and imported from Germany. For clients with headlight washers, please be sure to select with or without cutouts prior to ordering.

15. IND E9X M3 Tri-Color Stitched Alcantara E-Brake Boot

iND now offers its new Tri-Color Collection of leather interior goods with the same attention detail and quality materials you have come to know from their carbon fiber and fabricated parts. Made famous by the first M cars stitched steering wheels, the tri-colors of the BMW M flag can now be added to other panels and surfaces with the same fit and feel as OEM. Each part starts off as a brand new BMW part ensuring the best fitment and materials are at the core of our product. This special version is made with quality Alcantara material to match your BMW performance M steering wheel. Each knob and boot assembly is hand made requiring 5 man hours of work to complete each one!

16. Eventuri BMW E9X M3 (S65) Black Carbon Inlet Plenum – Matte

Introducing the E9X M3 Matte Carbon Fiber Plenum from Eventuri. Made from 100% high grade prepreg carbon including the internal trumpets, this plenum replaces the stock plastic version and unleashes the roar of the naturally aspirated BMW V8 engine. Since the trumpet lengths are tuned by BMW to the internal volume, changing this could result in a loss of performance so we kept the same volume to not upset the way the car drives in terms of power delivery. Although there isn’t a performance gain from the carbon plenum, the induction sound generated takes the driving experience of the M3 to a whole new level. The raw V8 rumble gives the M3 an almost CSL like sound and is truly an intoxicating experience. We went through several iterations using different carbon thicknesses to fine tune the sound and the resulting plenum generates an almost unbelievable induction volume and tone.

17. Eisenmann E92 / E93 M3 Black Series Performance Exhaust

Eisenmann’s engineers are responsible for designing the OEM systems seen on Porsche and AMG cars, and use this experience to design the best performance exhaust systems in the world. Eisenmann’s performance exhausts are built by hand from start to finish to create an old world craftsmanship simply not available with other exhaust manufacturers.

Eisenmann’s BMW E92 M3 exhaust system features 4x83mm LeMans tips, sport or race sound options, and Eisenmann’s trademark tone for a deep sound at low RPM, and a true performance car scream at high RPM.

The Eisenmann Race performance offers a deep throaty exotic tone. This dyno proven system put down 16hp, and 11lb-ft of torque and is handmade in Germany.

18. Fall-Line Motorsports – E9X M3 / E82 1M Rear Upper Control Arm Set

From years of competitive race experience, Fall-Line has become synonymous with producing not only championship caliber race cars, but the finest suspension components that help propel them to victory.

As the final piece within Fall-Line’s suite of rear suspension offerings for the E9X M3 and E82 1M, these upper wishbones boast two major benefits: replace the OEM rubber bushings with spherical units and add valuable adjustability versus the standard, fixed arm. The new adjustment capabilities allow ultra fine tuning within the full suspension suite—the more consistent suspension geometry, amongst other benefits, results in significantly improved performance and confidence in all driving conditions.

Unlike the F8X cars (or E92 M3 GTS) with a bolted subframe, the standard E9X M3 could use help to improve the car’s behavior under lateral load and transitions. These arms will help add much needed torsional rigidity with the addition of these arms with only marginal increases in NVH. As an added benefit, the spherical bearings will outlast the OEM rubber variants, saving the headache of repeated replacement over your ownership.

19. Autotecknic E9X M3 / 3-Series Dry Carbon Interior Door Handle Trim Set

Most often the interior of a vehicle is overlooked when it comes to modifications. Our quality crafted and sleek dry carbon door handles will breath new air into your interior. It effortlessly provides an aggressive look and installation is a breeze. These lightweight carbon door handles not only look great but are thin thus allowing flush and non-bulky fitment. Along with its perfect fitment, quality 3M tape will be provided to ensure that they stay in place even after continuous usage. The surface is coated with a high gloss clear coat and the underlying carbon fiber overlay is laid on with meticulous care thus ensuring that each dry carbon door handle you receive are uniform and breathes the same quality as your BMW straight from the factory.

These dry carbon door handles will sustain normal usage, driving conditions and weather. Our products have been quality tested to last the typical beatings of a track session and through a plethora of seasonal differences all throughout the world. Because of the high demands of customers around the world we have standardized our manufacturing process to ensure that every product you receive is also built to last and durable in all types of different scenarios.

20. Goldenwrench x IND Anniversary BMW M Car Series Oil Cap Cover – Limited Edition

As a commemorative collaboration of IND’s 15th year, we worked directly with Goldenwrench Supply Co. to create an exclusive oil cap for BMW M owners. This limited CNC cap cover features a unique, stainless IND inlay that stands out against its anodized exterior. Style is everything.

Each cap is CNC formed from T6 Aluminum and anodized with a special edition Silver color. All logos and decorations are finalized through our precision 3D milling process, machined into each cap for the ultimate premium finish. The IND Anniversary Blackline Performance Billet Oil Cap Cover will fit most BMW vehicles equipped with the N55, S55, S63, and S65 with the round shaped oil cap found in the following vehicles: E90/E91/E92 M3 LCI, F22 M235i, F87 M2/M2 Competition, F80 M3, F82 M4, F10/F90 M5, and more (check your oil cap ensuring that it is the round shape as seen in the product photos).

Each kit comes in a Commemorative Box with limited run Billet Oil Cap Cover and Stainless Steel IND emblem inlay. This is a not a full cap replacement. The Billet Oil Cap Cover affixes to the top of your factory oil cap installing easily in minutes.

21. AutoTecknic E9X M3 – Replacement Carbon Fiber Center Console

We are pleased to announce that our highly anticipated Full Replacement Carbon Fiber Center Console for the E90/ E92 M3 has finally been released. This brand new Carbon Fiber Center Console is only for the E90 Sedan or E92 M3 Coupe, available for models with all transmissions and years. It is available in 3k Plain Weave or Twill Weave Carbon Fiber, This item is for those who have bought the OEM BMW Performance interior trim kit, but want a center console to match.


22. Future Classic E9X M3 Power Steering Reservoir Set

The Ultimate Power Steering Solution. Prolonged rigorous, motorsport use of the car has long exposed a glaring flaw with the E9X M3: the power steering reservoir is simply undersized. The result is a messy one—it’s not uncommon to find power steering fluid all over the factory reservoir and beyond.

Rather than completely reinventing the power steering reservoir’s form factor, we give it exactly what it needs: room to expand. By threading our new reservoir onto the factory unit, you effectively add over 35mm of fluid expansion space while also dressing up your engine bay. The additional headroom not only safeguards against messy engine compartments as intended, but also guarantees a consistent steering feel. Since there is enough area for the fluid to travel, there is no cavitation between air and fluid, resulting in driving confidence in the most extreme conditions.

Our reservoir is machined from a single piece of 6061-T6 aircraft-grade aluminum to eliminate the need for internal gaskets in the reservoir itself and with it, the need for servicing over time. On the outside, you’ll find subtle design details that add visual balance, but also provides valuable grip area for installation.

23. RKP E92 / E93 M3 GT Carbon Rear Diffuser – Race

The back of your BMW should make an impression each time it drives away; with the right parts, that’s a guarantee. Designed, engineered, and manufactured in the USA, the RKP dry carbon rear diffuser is a stylish accent to the back of any E92 and E93 M3s. Each diffuser is constructed by hand from 100% carbon fiber and composite materials inside and out. Proper mounting and fitment is at the top of our list; that’s why smooth mounting surfaces and reinforced bolt holes make sure your diffuser stays on and looking good for years to come. To ensure quality, they’re made with the finest Dry Carbon materials available at our partner’s Indy car and aerospace facility.

24. BMW E92 / E93 M3 Competition Door Sill Set

Originally found on the M3 GTS, BMW’s motorsport logo door sills feature the traditional motorsport flag scheme BMW M has used for over a decade and elude to the M3’s competition heritage!

Not compatible with E90 M3.

25. IND E9X M3 Matte Black Side Marker Set

Despite enthusiasts desire for a non-chrome indicator housing, all BMW M cars still come with a chrome side marker(side grilles) and front grill set. As a means of helping the enthusiasts create a more aggressive and streamline fender appearance, we now offer a matte black side marker housing for the E9X M3.

26. Carbonex E-Chassis Aluminum Hood Latch Handle

Product Features:

  • Direct placement for OEM plastic hood latch handle
  • CNC machined using aircraft grade T6 billet aluminum
  • Premium brushed finish
  • Anodized for ultimate wear resistance
  • Fitment for LEFT HAND DRIVE vehicles only

27. AutoTecknic E82 1M / E9X M3 Dry Carbon Roof Antenna Cover

Get that predator look on your BMW with the AutoTecknic dry carbon fiber ‘shark fin’ antenna cover. Made with AutoTecknic’s signature vacuum forming technology, our products offer perfect fit and finish every single time. All of our carbon fiber products are constructed with a consistent carbon weave pattern.

Our production processes allow for an exceptional pre-preg carbon/resin ratio, creating high product stiffness that also leads to added strength and resistance. For a stunning finish, our products are coated with a high gloss, UV-resistant clear coat that resists yellowing and does not chip or flake.

We meticulously inspect all of our components prior to shipment and stand firmly by our products so that you can enjoy peace of mind with every genuine AutoTecknic carbon fiber product.

28. BMW E9X M3 Limited Edition Gloss Black Ignition Switch + IND Start / Stop Button

Feel the power of customization each time you start up your engine. With our Limited Edition Ignition Switch + IND Start/Stop Button, you’ll be making a statement whenever you get behind the wheel. No more blending in with the crowd; with the choice between a bold red, stylish blue, or yellow. This button will give you the bold splash of color you need to truly stand out. For high quality that never sacrifices style, IND has the customization for you.

29. IND E9X M3 Painted Front Reflector Set

Every detail of your new BMW should be as sleek as possible; that’s where IND’s painted reflectors come in. Everything about these reflectors is brand new, from the BMW factory cores to the custom car matched factory BMW paints. And with most factory BMW colors offered, you’ll have a nearly perfect paint match every time.

What truly makes these stand out is our dedicated and experienced staff. With a combined 30+ years of experience, your painted reflectors will come to you in pristine condition. Each reflector is meticulously hand sanded, primed, painted and cleared, as well as polished using Rupes equipment. The icing on the cake? They’re each finished off with a coat of Adam’s paint sealant. Don’t settle for the ordinary. Bring out the best in your BMW with IND’s painted reflectors (Reflector Deletes).

30. BMW E9X M3 / E82 1M Carbon Ceramic Brake Retrofit Kit

This kit from BMW includes everything you need to convert your BMW M3 or M4 to carbon ceramic brakes.This kit includes calipers, rotors, pads, pad wear sensors, dust shields, and a new brake booster.

Includes Fall Line Motorsports hardware to retrofit onto your E9X M3 Chassis.

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