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Want to share your M3 build? Share your M3 story and ownership experience with M3List here.

If you’re looking to share your story with us here on M3List, we would love to publish an article about your BMW M3 ownership experience. Here’s our basic questionnaire that we put together for you to fill out.


Copy & Paste this template and email to Spencer@M3List.com


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What made you want to buy an M3 over something else? 

How did you find your M3 for sale?

What have you done to the car since you bought it? 

Favorite modification that you’ve done to your M3 and why?

Are there any negatives or downsides about your M3?

Have any advice for somebody who’s looking to buy a BMW M3 that you wish you knew from the start? 

What maintenance have you had to? Anything that caught you by surprise or that you anticipated?

If you could buy any 3 BMW’s, what would they be? 

What other cars have you owned? 

What other hobbies do you have? 



Please attach as many photos as you’d like of your car. (10+ is preferred). The day you bought it, how it looks now, any photos that stand out to you or are your favorite, engine, exterior, interior, mods etc. Feel free to include anything else like build sheets/mod list, window sticker, a pic or two of you with the car would be great but not needed, extra pics and videos. The more the better. Thank you! I’ll tag you on Instagram stories too once it goes live. You can pick any M3 that you currently own or share all the M3s you’ve owned. You can answer the questions as long or short as you want! 



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