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Jesse’s Individual Frozen Black BMW F80 M3 – F80 to Supra & back

In this M3Story we interviewed Jesse, a Toyota Camry & Supra owner turned M3 owner (X2), along with a 4Runner, FRS and some other cars. Jesse ended up having issues with his first F80 M3 after an accident, which caused him to search even harder for a special Individual F80 M3. Enjoy this great story from an M3 owner sharing his experience, advice and modifications he chose.
Name: Jesse Nomichith
Location: Salt Lake City, UT
Instagram: @jessenomichith
Car: BMW F80 M3

individual bmw f80 m3 frozen black matte satin black sedan F8X IndividualBMW paint

What made you want to buy an M3 over something else?

Since its release during my high school years, the F80 M3 has been a coveted goal of mine. Its blend of power, precision handling, and unmatched driving experience set it apart from any other vehicle I’ve owned. I finally acquired my first F80 in 2021, but unfortunately, it endured a series of unfortunate events. Within three months of ownership, while navigating an unmarked construction zone, I inadvertently plunged into a two-foot pothole, damaging the entire underside of the front bumper.
bmw f80 m3 frozen individual black
The city refused to cover the repair costs. Later, during a late-night outing with friends, we found ourselves halted at a railroad crossing. Impatient, a drunken driver abruptly threw their car into reverse, colliding with my vehicle and wreaking havoc on its front end. Fortunately, the bash bar remained unscathed, but extensive repairs were needed for the headlights, front bumper, hood, fenders, and radiator. The car spent a daunting 2-3 months in the body shop awaiting parts and repairs.
Luckily, I managed to obtain the driver’s insurance information before they fled the scene, careening down the sidewalk. Despite its eventual return to me, the car never felt quite the same, bearing the weight of its mishaps in my brief ownership. Disheartened, I decided to part ways with it after just 9 months. A month later, fate intervened when a 2022 Supra arrived for trade at the dealership where I worked. Curiosity piqued, I decided to give it a shot.
While I enhanced it with lowering springs and a set of TE37 wheels, the Supra failed to replicate the exhilarating experience of the F80 M3.
After owning the Supra for approximately 8 months, I finally stumbled upon my current pride and joy in August 2023: an Individual Frozen Black M3 with Speed Cloth interior.
How did you find your M3 for sale?
While casually perusing the local classifieds, a pastime familiar to any car enthusiast, I stumbled upon my dream M3 at our nearby dealership. Its listing had only been up for a few hours, but it immediately grabbed my attention. With a single owner and a clean CarFax, coupled with its unique specifications, I couldn’t resist the urge to investigate further.
Learning that the previous owner had consistently maintained the vehicle at their local BMW dealership and considering its origins in the dry climate of Vegas, where salty winter roads were non-existent, sealed the deal for me. It was a love-at-first-sight scenario. Moreover, having equity in my Supra, which I had purchased at wholesale pricing, made the decision even easier.
The M3 was priced competitively for the market, leaving me with no hesitation to trade in my current ride. As luck would have it, my birthday was just around the corner, turning this acquisition into a perfect 23rd birthday gift to myself!
What have you done to the car since you bought it?
Within the initial week of ownership, I wasted no time in customizing my M3 to suit my preferences. I opted for H&R lowering springs and added a Ridgeline Motorsport GTS front lip. The front lip’s chassis-mounted design, completely separate from the bumper, offers reassurance that any potential road mishaps won’t wreak havoc on the bumper itself.
While the 666M remains my favored F80 OEM wheels, I couldn’t resist the allure of a squared set of Piano Black 18×10.5 BBS RIA’s, a fortunate acquisition from a friend whom is an E90 owner, had switched to a different setup.
The tires, 275/35 Continental ExtremeContact Forces, were brand new, sourced from a friend with an E46 M3 who found them too aggressive for his vehicle. Upon fitting the new wheels, I found the fitment not up to my standards.
While some may critique my choice against KW’s or Bilstein’s, I opted for Silver’s HyperMax Coilovers to fine-tune the height. Reviews from fellow owners convinced me, and I’ve found them excellent for both daily driving and track use. Notably, I encountered no rubbing issues, and the car’s appearance exudes a commanding presence. Inside, I’ve further personalized the experience with a Ridgeline Motorsport racing steering wheel hub, paired with a limited edition Narita Dogfight steering wheel.

Favorite modification that you’ve done to your M3 and why?

Without a doubt, the Ridgeline Motorsport steering wheel hub stands out as the highlight modification. Its plug-and-play design effortlessly integrates with all functions, seamlessly accommodating volume controls, cruise control, horn, and drive mode buttons. The paddles deliver a tactile and precise feel, elevating the driving experience to new heights. In my experience, it’s the best modification I’ve ever made to any vehicle. For those intrigued by a similar mod for their M3, I’m more than willing to discuss it further via Instagram and even provide videos for a clearer understanding.
Are there any negatives or downsides about your M3?
Maintaining the matte paint finish can be intimidating and requires special care during washing and detailing. Additionally, the vehicle’s low stance presents challenges when navigating driveways and unfamiliar roads, often resulting in scraping, particularly with the front lip.
Any advice for somebody who’s looking to buy a BMW M3 that you wish you knew from the start?
Like any other vehicle you are purchasing, I would say maintenance records are most important. When things were last replaced and if intervals were hit. Look for a second key and owner’s manual, just little things that bring value to the next owner if you do decide to sell it. Specifically for F80’s, buyers search for the crankhub upgrade but it is a debate within the community whether it matters or not.

What maintenance have you had to? Anything that caught you by surprise or that you anticipated?

I have only driven my car about 4k miles. Nothing major has happened besides a check engine light indicating a misfire. It caught me by surprise since spark plugs were completed within a year, but I decided to replace all of them anyways since it was only a two hour job for me to do in my own garage. Other than that, maintenance should not be anything out of the ordinary.

If you could buy any 3 BMW’s, what would they be?

Besides the F80 — I would want a E46 for the styling, E90/92 for all the good sounds, and X5 M as a daily driver.

What other cars have you owned?

My first car was a hand me down 2009 Toyota Camry that I slammed on Rotiform’s (it was fun at the time), my first car I bought myself was a 2015 BRZ which I absolutely loved and regret parting it out and getting rid of, 2001 Lexus IS300 that I bought for $250 with a blown head gasket that I later flipped for a lot of cash after fixing it, my 2017 Toyota 4Runner that I lifted with bigger tires which I still currently have, my first F80 then my Supra to now my current F80.
What other hobbies do you have?
Of course I spend most of my time with cars and motorsports, funny thing is I work for the downtown Mercedes-Benz dealership here and I come to work in a BMW. I live in Utah so there is many outdoor things to do — hiking, camping, mountain biking, snowboarding, off-roading in Moab. I have a great group of friends so boredom is never an option.
A big thank you to Jesse for letting us interview you for M3List! You can follow Jesse and his car builds on Instagram here. See other feature builds on our blogs by clicking “feature builds” under categories.
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