Trying to finance a used M3? We can help.

If you’re looking to get an auto loan for your car so you can finance an M3, here’s a company that we recommend you give a try. We know from personal experience that working with larger banks tends to be an issue because they require so much information, they take so long to get back, they have to go through multiple people, it’s phone call to email to phone call to email… just a difficult process. Here’s how you can get an auto loan or personal loan for your BMW M3 with a much easier process that cuts the time in half.

Myself (Spencer) have used LightStream for my BMW M3 purchase and it was a breeze. I think it was the best process I’ve had due to how fast it was. Just make sure you have all your ducks in a row before you start filling things out. I recommend having your wallet next to you so you can have your license number ready, as well as some proof of income ready to show. Best of luck to you on getting your finances for your next M3!

Click here to apply for an auto loan



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