15 exhaust setups for the E9X M3

15 exhaust setups for the E9X M3

Complete list of the most popular exhausts for the S65 V8 E9X M3! So you’re looking to make your E90 M3, E92 M3 or your E93 M3 louder and faster, well this may be a good place to start. Exhausts can add so much to your driving experience from the vibrations in the car to the gained horsepower. Here’s a few exhausts that are super popular on the E9X M3!


1. BMW Performance Exhaust

With the racetrack and the street in mind, this new exhaust was designed using an extremely heat-resistant and lightweight chrome-nickel alloy called Inconel®. This optimized exhaust conduit allows the M3’s V8 engine to breathe more easily (reduction in backpressure) and create a very powerful sound.


  • Powerful and sporty exhaust note with no droning for everyday suitability.
  • Fabricated from a chrome-nickel alloy called Inconel®. Inconel® is an extremely heat-resistant and strong material. These qualities allowed engineers to reduce the wall thickness of the exhaust from 1.5mm to 0.8mm without sacrificing strength. This resulted in a weight reduction of approximately 40% (~20 lbs.) when compared to the stock exhaust. Inconel is very corrosion resistant and has been used at the highest level of Motorsports.
  • Perforated inner pipes and polished titanium tips (laser-engraved with the M logo) represent the ultimate in technology and sportiness, accentuating the individual character of the BMW M3.
  • Developed using state-of-the art CAD and FEM technology, ensuring optimum fit and OEM quality.

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2. Valvetronic Designs


Welcome to Version 2 of the Valvetronic Designs E9x M3 exhaust system. Version 2 brings on new improvements that push us past the competition. First is a return to Vacuum valves. These valves have proven to be far more reliable than electronic ones. We have also improved the sound quality to give a more pure driving experience to make this system the best on the market for the E9x platform. These systems are fully mandrel bent for maximum flow and are constructed out of T304 stainless steel, the highest quality material on the market. Our dream is to offer the BMW community an incredible valved exhaust without charging the dreaded “M tax” and that dream has come true. For far too long these systems have been out of reach for most people, but no longer. This system comes with everything you need to have your E9x M3 sound like a beast on your favorite backroad, or cruise to the shops without alerting the authorities. Your time to take control of your E9X M3 sound is now.

You now have the option to pair your Valved rear section with the best sounding mid pipe all in one place.

*FORWARD X-PIPE (TRADITIONAL V2): This midpipe is quite different than most, featuring a freeflow x merge right after the transmission tunnel. This design helps allow for maximum exhaust scavenging and power gains throughout the rev range. At the rear of the midpipe we have two 12-inch resonators to smooth the exhaust sound and provide noise mitigation. We also offer a catted version of the X-pipe for those who do not want to go fully free flow. This X pipe is designed for those who want maximum sound and maximum Horsepower gains, it is not for the weak of heart.

*Central X-pipe (OEM X-pipe) (LIMITED EDITION): Our central X mid pipe moves the x back to the factory location and puts the resonators in front of the X pipe to properly smooth exhaust tones before the merge point. These developments culminate in a very enjoyable deep sound experience with a slightly more exotic flare up top compared to the V2.

Sound tones are very similar in each setup due to the same resonators being used. You can not go wrong with either setup!

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3. American Racing Exhaust with headers


Looking to increase your total horsepower, torque, and significantly beef up your sound? American Racing Headers is a group dedicated to providing the best all around headers and exhaust money can buy! 100% Made in the USA of high quality 304 stainless steel and using 3/8″ thick laser cut flanges for a warp free seal, you can trust that your exhaust components will be built to the highest specifications and will more than likely outlast the rest of your car.

To ensure high power output and the best sound possible, the 304 stainless steel tubing is routed in a specific way to optimize flow through the headers. Using primary tubes that measure in at 1-3/4″ diameter each, these are built to specific lengths so that exhaust gases are directed in way that makes them flow highly efficiently and prevents any sort of restriction that would otherwise limit your engine’s total output. The gas exits the engine’s head then flows down the system, in time, to the 4-to-1 Merge Collectors. These Merge Collectors direct the gases by taking advantage of the natural firing exhaust pulses to create an effect that scavenges the exhaust from the primaries and keeps the exhaust gases moving at their optimum speed. This means more flow and more power at every point of the throttle band all the way up past redline.

For a slightly lower flowing header system that also includes all needed exhaust components, check out ES3426888 which features 1 5/8″ exhaust primary tubes.

The header system attaches to an x-pipe with incorporated 200-cell metallic substrate catalytic converters for extreme durability and to prevent check engine lights in the long run. These are performance catalytic converters that prevent any restriction in your system while still functioning as needed.

Next in line are a pair of resonators to allow the exhaust gases to momentarily collect and expand, helping keep the exhaust flow as smooth as possible and remove some excess noise. If you would like a system without resonators to help add a little more aggression to your exhaust, check out ES3426896 with de-resonated mid-pipes!

Finally are a pair of high performance mufflers. These keep you street legal while still producing a beastly roar, especially under heavy acceleration! Each muffler gives off a deep satisfying growl through their twin polished stainless exhaust tips.

This full exhaust system includes all brackets/hardware needed for assembly and mounts to stock mounting points using the typical rubber exhaust hangers.

Product Features and Specifications:

  • 100% Made in the USA – Never Outsourced
  • Made entirely of 304 stainless steel
  • 3/8″ thick laser-cut flanges for a warp-free seal
  • 1-3/4″ exhaust header primaries for higher flow
  • Hand-ported TIG welded inlets
  • Optimized primary tube routing for superior fit and performance
  • Merge collectors complete with welded scavenger spikes
  • Catted systems feature 200 cell metallic substrate catalytic converters for extreme durability
  • High flow catted x-pipe for flow balance and smoothness.
  • Dual resonators for noise reduction

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4. Dinan freeflow


True to form, Dinan has developed this Free Flow stainless exhaust to increasing flow by reducing backpressure, resulting in more power. Best of all, it has a great tone that is aggressive when you want it to be, but pleasant and civilized under normal driving conditions. This system weighs less than the stock system and is constructed out of stainless steel for the quality and performance you’d expect from your BMW.

Benefits of the Free Flow Exhaust:

  • Single channel design
  • Sportier Sound
  • 10lbs lighter than stock part + 100% 304 stainless steel construction
  • Simple installation using high quality BMW OEM clamps and hangers
  • Quad 3″ laser engraved black ceramic coated exhaust tips with Dinan logo
  • 6 HP & 5 lb-ft of torque
  • “Straight Through” canister design
  • Helmholtz chamber to remove drone

For over 35 years, Dinan has been America’s premier tuning company, pioneering advancements in BMW modification while retaining a focus on balanced performance that preserves the original character and driving feel that a BMW offers. When you install a Dinan part on your car, know that it’s not only carefully developed and tested, but that Dinan stands behind it with a four year, 50,000-mile warranty. Dinan believes so fully in their “total package” approach that once your car has been fitted with enough of their parts, they celebrate your conversion from stock to Dinan with an exclusive trunk badge, displayed proudly by BMW enthusiasts everywhere.

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5. AFE Mach Force-XP


To get the most power out of a stock or modified vehicle, it is necessary for the exhaust to flow cleanly and unrestricted. However, a stock exhaust and muffler system can significantly reduce the flow of your exhaust system. Stock exhausts are perfect for daily driving, as they keep your exhaust quiet and local law enforcement out of your rearview mirror. But if you take it to the track, that stock exhaust can really put a damper on the time of your passes.

Upgrade your exhaust system while adhering to local laws with this system from AFE. The kit installs easily, using all of the stock mounting locations of your factory exhaust system but will give a more free flowing, higher performance sound. With exhaust gases leaving faster, more air can be drawn in, and better throttle response and horsepower can be expected.

This unit features dual mandrel-bent tubing and utilizes polished 304 stainless steel. aFe found 12 hp and 11 ft/lbs of torque at the wheels on their test M3.

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6. Megan Racing axle back


Megan racing exhuast systems are made from 100% 304 stainless steel, are dyno tested and proven to make power. Axle-Back systems offer free-flowing performance over your OEM restrictive exhaust system and offering a sportier exhaust note. Being constructed of Stainless-Steel, this exhaust piece is much more lighter than your OEM system and offers increased Power:Weight ratio that plays an important role in the handling and performance of your vehicle. All of Megan’s exhaust offer easy installation with no cutting or welding required

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7. Akrapovic


The Evolution performance exhaust system for the BMW M3 consists of dual-outlet mufflers, flow-optimized link pipes, and an X-pipe that incorporates high-flow 100 cpsi sports catalytic convertors and resonators. The power and torque gains of the BMW M3 with the Evolution system are just amazing. A substantial increase is detected over a very wide rpm range, and so it increases responsiveness during all phases of driving. Together with incredible weight savings, the Evolution system dramatically changes the power-to-weight ratio. Their goal was to design a system that delivers a deep, rich growl at cruising speeds while also allowing the driver to enjoy an aggressive roar when driving hard. Complete the look with a set of two exquisite tailpipes in Titanium.

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The factory exhaust system was designed to maximize horsepower while keeping engine noise to a tolerable level. While this is fine for the average consumer, it leaves much to be desired in the hands of the enthusiast.

For those individuals dedicated to unlocking the performance and excitement in their BMW a powerful and loud exhaust system is key. With the ARMYTRIX Valvetronic Exhaust system, you can access that extra power from a beautifully constructed and highly capable system without committing to a snarling exhaust tone all the time. Simply use their exclusive OBDII dongle to pair with your smartphone and flip the valves open for all the glorious sound and power you want, or close the valves for a subtle stealth mode when you need.

The best of both worlds, power and sound or comfort and quiet, allows you to control your driving experience behind the wheel of your BMW with ease from one of the most well designed high-flowing exhaust systems on the market. Give your BMW the vocal upgrade it deserves while maintaining the theme of distinction with this beautifully constructed and wonderfully sounding ARMYTRIX Valvetronic Exhaust System.

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10. Billy Boat Performance


Developed for the BMW E92 M3, this Billy Boat Performance Exhaust axle back system is precision crafted using 100% T304 stainless steel. With CNC mandrel bent 2.5” throughout the entire system along the latest in resonance control technology, B&B’s proprietary Purge Resonance Technology or PRT as it is known, you are able to have a mild exhaust note at cruising speeds yet a forceful note on aggressive driving.

This low restriction muffler allows for quicker acceleration and increased horsepower and torque. These results have been confirmed by the chassis dyno and by our customers.

A pair of 3.5” round double wall tips on each side give the M3 will have a bold, distinctive look. For little down time B&B designed this system as a direct bolt on and hangs in the factory hangers. No engine management sensors are moved or altered therefore this system is 50 state emissions legal and is backed with their limited LIFETIME warranty.

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11. Eisenmann


This system from Eisenmann not only improves power output over the factory design but gives the S65 the exotic growl that it deserves. Designed and manufactured in Stuttgart, this is one of Eisenmann’s best selling and most sought-after designs.

Each system is constructed from high grade 304 stainless steel, with a specific attention to wall thickness throughout to create the best combination of fantastic sound and reduced weight.


  • 304 Stainless construction
  • 90mm aluminum tip size
  • Fully hand built

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12. GruppeM


GruppeM has been designing air intake systems for many years. Through this experience, they’ve learned quite a bit in the way of air flow and dynamics. They have taken this knowledge, paired with extensive testing and trials, and created an exhaust system that uses the optimum pipe diameter and design for ideal sound and power. Constructed of titanium, this exhaust has a dry, high-pitch exhaust note. Utilizing titanium also means you’ll get the color change generated from heat, which is desired by many. Designed to fit like stock, installation will be a breeze.


  • High quality production technique with attention to details
  • Optimum pipe diameter and layout corresponding with engine performance has been pursued
  • Substantial weight savings are achieved through titanium composition
  • Racy, high-pitched exhaust note at high revs and heat color gradation are produced by the titanium construction
  • Shot processed stainless steel tail end (made of stainless steel)
  • Value is further enhanced by incorporating the Ram-Air intake system
  • Dual 80mm tips

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13. Magnaflow


Magnaflow systems are made from 100% stainless steel and are dyno tested and proven to make power. All Magnaflow exhaust are mandrel bent and fully welded for trouble a free installation. This system uses 5x8x14″ polished mufflers for a smooth deep tone with dual 4″ double rolled edge tips. Includes clamps, hangers, and detailed instructions.

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14. Supersprint


Designed to be significantly more free flowing than stock, give your M3’s V8 a more aggressive sound without giving off too much rumble or the throaty noise similar to many american exhaust systems. Instead, the sound is more of a deep “High Tech” performance aggression.

When deciding on the right exhaust the hardest part is feeling confident in the best sound mixed with increased performance, this really leaves you to guess based on reputation. Fortunately, Supersprint has the reputation covered when it comes to BMW exhausts. For over 60 years their goal has always been designing and building the highest quality exhaust available.

This has been achieved through extensive testing using real race teams to get the best feedback there is to offer, from the ones who demand the best everyday. Extensive dyno testing, high quality materials, and race team feedback are what allow Supersprint to extract the power from your engine, not just the noise. Get the deep clean sound a European vehicle is designed for.

*With non resonated X-pipe*

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15. Scorpion


From England, Scorpion stainless steel performance exhaust systems have been sought after by tuners the world over. Now, these free-flow, stainless steel systems are available in the U.S. from ECS Tuning! They have been engineered to deliver a horsepower boost yet not be quite as loud as other free-flow systems. And they’re built to last using the best 304 stainless steel. – TüV certified.

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