$22,000 – 120k miles – SMG – Winter Park, FL

3 owners including myself

Straight piped, down headers

19″ Aluminum alloy rims

Carbon fiber splitter, diffuser, gills

New paint job

Light kit

Angel eyes

Common E46 failures replaced before failure (water pump, vanos,SMG pump etc…)

Oil change with bmw or Castrol 10w-60 every 4.5K miles, oil always looks clean.

Upgraded breaks

Lowered springs

Cold air intake

Clean black interior: no tears/rips

Common questions:

Q:Original paint color or different?

A: yes, original was Phoenix Yellow based on registration and engine bay. This is fresh coat.

Q: Actual mileage?

A: Instrument cluster was swapped, mileage in 2017 registration was 110k miles and this was Garage kept show car, not daily. Couldn’t get deeper details from previous owner because of language barrier.

Q: Automatic or manual?

A: SMG (shift tronic)

Q: Reason for sale?

A: May keep, but need $$$

Q: Want to trade for…?

A: Not accepting trades

Asking price: $22,000

Contact: Marco

Instagram: @k13ampm

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