$32,000 – 112k miles – Manual – Summit, New Jersey

Showing just over 112k miles, this Dakar Yellow M3 coupe is one of the nicest E36s you will find on the market. It benefits from a fresh engine and mild performance modifications. I believe it is a perfect weekend cruiser with a great 90s vibe. Additionally, it has a fresh S50 engine (within the last 200 miles) — eliminating many concerns about a 112k mile car. In all honesty, the car being down for a few months drove me to look at other cars… and I now have too many. Completed the work, but making room for something new.

Bought this Dakar Yellow 1995 M3 coupe from an eighty-four year old man in North Carolina. I found this car listed on the BMWCCA classifieds. He had owned the car since the mid-2000s. While I have few specifics on its ownership history prior to the previous owner (Greg), I do have service records for much of the car’s life since new. These will be included with the car.

During my ownership, I have added roughly 1,500 miles. Not a lot. No track time, but almost entirely canyon/backroad drives. This car has never been driven in a “daily driver” capacity. It has always been parked in a garage in my ownership. I looked far and wide for a special color E36 with no rust and good ownership history to build a fun Saturday cruiser. With that in mind, I made the below changes:

I purchased the car in April of 2021.

In May of 2021, I sent the E36 to TySpeed Automotive for wheels, tires, and suspension work. I completed the following work at the cost of over $5k. All parts were new.

In May of 2022, this car went in to TySpeed again, but for surgery. An oil pump failure caused me to find small metal particles in the oil (I can send a photo of this if requested, sad day). Rather than play around with a rebuild, I just had Tyler at TySpeed build the S50 motor he had sitting in the shop. The replacement motor had 90k miles, but was completely overhauled. Receipt for this work is included in the photo gallery. My cost was $12,870 out the door.

Also during my ownership, I had the bumpers and side trim paint matched and re-painted by Peotters in Summit, NJ. I also had the window trim and door trim replaced at this time. The result – fresh rubber, plastic, and paint – make this E36 look amazing even up close. See photos.

Miscellanious changes over my ownership:

I added a Recaro Pole Position seat, mounted directly on Garagistic mounts. I have the original drivers-side Vader seat, it will be included with the car. I changed the radio head-unit to the Continental unit. I took out the glovebox, which was sagging, and replaced it with a delete plate. Depo headlights, OE tails.

Also included with the sale of the car are one set of OE DS1 wheels and one set of OE DS2 wheels and tires. I would not drive on the tires, and I am not sure if the DS2s are real. New owner is welcome to both sets with the purchase of the car. Not assigning any value to these, but I assume there is some money to be made selling one or both sets.

This car is currently parked next to a GT3RS and a E39 M5. I will not hound you on price (though I am not fire-saleing the car), but I will not put up with a buyer looking to waste my time. Please keep that in mind.

Please contact me at my email address, ishmclaughlin4@me.com, with inquiries. The car is located in Summit, NJ.

Asking price: $32,000

Contact: Ish

Email: ishmclaughlin4@me.com

Phone: 973-953-7000

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