Where to buy custom BMW G8X M3 steering wheels in 2024 (Also G20, G22, G80, G82, G83, G87)

Where to buy custom BMW G8X M3 steering wheels in 2024 (Also G20, G22, G80, G82, G83, G87)

Ready to upgrade your BMW G80 M3 steering wheel? How about upgrade your BMW G82 M4 steering wheel? Our trusted partners at Mashimarho have a huge selection and variety of options when it comes to customizing your steering wheel with unique specs such as color, carbon fiber, alcantara, suede, leather, accents and more. We highly recommend the team at Mashimarho after working with them for 8+ years. You can use our coupon code M3_List to save on the entire Mashimarho website on anything from exhausts to tires. Have fun shopping.

Custom made BMW G80 M3 steering wheels & G chassis – Click here to see pricing

bmw g80 m3 steering wheel G20, G22 G80, G82, G83, G87 3 series mashimarho carbon fiber steering wheel coupon

This fits BMW G20, G22 and G80 M3, G82 M4, G83 M4, G87 vehicles. NOT 5 series, X series, 6 series or 7 series. If you need G30 and such, please contact us, and we can have a special order put in for you for that request. We use the G80 trim cover, so if you are an M-SPORT, you will need the proper back piece for your steering wheel. Tired of your boring, scratched up steering wheel? Maybe you need more interior mods.

bmw g80 m3 steering wheel G20, G22 G80, G82, G83, G87 3 series mashimarho carbon fiber steering wheel coupon

This is the mod for you. Up your game with this steering wheel. It’s an OEM sport steering wheel modified by hand to take your driving experience up a notch. All made to order and hand-crafted. please read the entire listing. Each steering wheel will have extra padded handles all the way around, along with tri-color///M stitching, a flat bottom, and a color stripe unless noted. Steering wheels DO NOT come with grooves/grips unless special requests are made, and this is also NOT guaranteed. They’re all made to order. You can request heated options. Please select your option from the choices below. LED displays: RPM gauge (sides), oil temperature, boost, lap time, eco info, road trip summary, etc. PLEASE NOTE: When you install an LED wheel, you will need a reliable 12V source and ground.

bmw g80 m3 steering wheel G20, G22 G80, G82, G83, G87 3 series mashimarho carbon fiber steering wheel coupon

G series wheels will have 12V wire under the airbag. The MHD Wireless also will not work at the same time. IF YOU HAVE A CUSTOM REQUEST, PLEASE EMAIL wheels@mashimarho.com for a quote. Examples include custom stripe color, material, etc. We love custom ideas. Also, contact if you desire a core exchange (Paddle shifter wheels only). Can provide a partial refund if you send in the old paddle cut out wheel. Airbag, buttons, and harnesses are not included. Please swap your current one. (Round M sport airbag) PLEASE NOTE: This will only fit G series BMW with round airbags. Please check to make sure your vehicle is able to accept the sport steering wheel.


If you prefer the sport wheel with the oval airbag, let me know in advance. You can request heated steering wheels. Alcantara steering wheels will include the Alcantara cover unless made known. No M logo or M performance badge will be included. Installation takes 45 minutes. Plug and play. Swap over the grounding wire (if needed), buttons, airbag, and done! PLEASE be patient. Please allow 13 weeks of transaction time. We have processed many of orders, and everyone said it is worth the wait; PROMISE. All steering wheels are made to order and delivered via standard carriers. Allow custom orders a little extra time. Because of the number of large order volumes for these steering wheels, orders are batched/submitted once a week. If you order other items with this, they will be shipped together. By purchasing this item, you acknowledge that this item is a custom product and is, therefore, ineligible for a cancellation, refund, return, or exchange. Please view our Return Policy for more information. for more information. Thank you for being patient!!!

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